Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday 10th October 2016 - Tell me why I don't like Mondays

Was having a look around the Comhaltas site.
It's great that the resource exists but I have to say that both in terms of navigation and content it isn't all it could be.  It's all a bit netscape (if you get that joke you might have designed the site).

If you go into Blog and Fleadh dates you get entries from 2010.  The 2010 results are the most up to date on the site.  Anyway what I was really looking for was up to date activities I could get involved with ..

My local choices for branches are Clane and Ardclough but I can't really see anything on Comhaltas or anywhere else about them.  Back in 2013 they brought their flute teacher in from Maynooth so would be great to join a branch with a good flute history and teacher.
Offaly's Killeagh has the history with Attracta Brady.  Best thing might be to call each local branch and ask about flute classes .. who does them ..

I'm not going to start Oct-Dec.  Will start with a Comhaltas early 2017.  That gives me about 3 months to brush up on my own.

Was also interested to read about the SCT (Scrúdú Ceol Tíre) - maybe again this is something to aim towards.  Perhaps when Comhaltas breaks for the Summer?

And also - most importantly - practice of the Fisherman's Slip Jig

Catchy tune ... er .. sorry

Got an email reply from a chap on adverts about a flute for sale he replied "I do have an Olwell boxwood 6 key that I will be selling. I paid around $4,500 for the flute. It's a gem."
He sent me a few pics - beautiful flute - but I have my flute booked so I'll have to wait to earn it.

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