Monday, October 10, 2016

8th October - Galway

Took a drive into Galway via Clifden.  Really nice drive from Roundstone to Clifden.

Last summer spent a few days in Galway with kids and went into Kieran Moloney's shop .. he mentioned the CD of his Father's collection and I intended to pick it up by ended up going back to Kildare without it.
Made it my business to drop in a pick up Eddie Moloney's CD this time.  Had a read over the slieve notes .. interesting and talented man .. will look forward to listening to it.
Listen a lot.

Had a look around the Comhaltas website to see where I might pick up some lessons around Kildare.  Noticed Attracta Brady and Killeigh Comhaltas .. a bit further than Clane or Sallins .. but perhaps some great teachers/experience?

This might be a good night

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