Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11th October 2016 - Keymaster

Being a heretic.

Should we be bound by a set of rules or a canon to learn or do we find our own way?

Keymaster (Patrick Olwell documentary) ..  he was speaking about the rigid process of rules and duplicating classic flute designs and his desire not to follow rules that didn't make sense to him.

I'm sure there are a lot of people  happy to tell us how to do something and even more people happy to tell us when we're wrong  (obviously wrong by their rules).

If we're reverent to rules then maybe we don't follow our own path?

Here's an idea ..... Whatever works.

Essentially doing what works for you.  And obviously NOT doing what doesn't work.

What works - a simple but powerful concept.

I recon as I go through this blog and re-read my ideas perhaps the whole point of it might be 'why' and 'how'.  Exploring why I'm taking this journey and what's the best route to get there - what works for me.

What's your journey?
What works best to get you there?

The Old Orange Flute tells the story of Bob Williamson, a weaver of Dungannon, who is considered a "stout Orange blade" by his associates. However, "he married a Papist named Brigid McGinn. Turned Papish himself, he forsook the ould cause" and was compelled to flee to Connacht, taking with him his flute. Enrolled into a Catholic church choir, he finds that the flute will only play Protestant songs such as The Boyne Water. Eventually the priest buys him a new instrument and the flute is condemned to be burned for heresy, though in the flames a "quare noise" can be heard as the flute still whistles "The Protestant Boys".

Follow what doesn't work or burnt for heresy? 

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