Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12th October 2016 - lessons

“Always play with someone who’s better than you are. That way you can only get better.”
—Jack Coen

Today was a day to think about lessons.

First I contacted Attracta Brady - came first in the 1989 Fleadh.  She was my first thought for lessons because of her experience (father Fleadh winner 1967).

Then contacted most Comhaltas branches in my area to see where there were lessons.
Ardclough - got a reply to say branch closed down
Eadestown - called me back but when I called her back went to voicemail
Kilcock - lessons Monday
Edenderry - Full up at the moment but maybe after Christmas
Clane - Tuesday
Maynooth - emailed Karen Tracey.  Had lessons before from Karen in CCE Clane.

Pros and cons about going to Comhaltas classes -

Great to be part of a community.  Great to have a session.  And of course great to do anything that enforces the habit of tune/practice.

Like most group classes they can be of a general level and the pace can be too fast or too slow.  Also the sessions tend to be twice a year so you might not get as much community as you think.
I'm a big supporter of Comhaltas so will still sign up - perhaps after the Christmas.

Attracta did come back when I asked about a recommendation and suggest Ciarán Mac Gearailt (Ciaran Fitzgerald) from Celbridge/Leixlip CCE.  Wonder if he'd be available?

I'd happily go to Comhaltas instead or as well.  Would be great to be part of that community .. get involved with sessions that are on etc.

Also spoke to guys in Killeigh CCE and there're tickets for the gig on Friday

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