Wednesday, October 26, 2016

25th October 2016 - My Precious new flute

So after putting a post up on Chiff and Fipple I got an email to see if I'd be interested in buying an Olwell keyless D with a matching Eb body/foot ...

After a bit of looking into it and mulling over the finances I decided to purchase.

And so started a crazy 48 hours of getting all my blackwood dominos in a row.  I was originally moving on my '54 Fender 50th edition to pay for that 'Decent Flute' I mentioned in my post (the one I was going to use while waiting for the 6-key Olwell in 2019).

To get down to the flute in Clare I ended up doing a mini-circuit of Ireland after work.

First to Kilkenny to wish a fond farwell to my Fender then on to Clare.

Scene of the crime.   The very inauspicious location where I met my first Olwell flute.

I'd always pictured the scene of my first Olwell purchase as being a tad more cinematic .. but .. who cares about the set if the soundtrack is decent.

There we were .. the garage owner locking up .. turning out the forecourt lights .. perhaps wondering if the two men dimly lit by the dashboard lights were planning some dodgy infiltration of the Clare Trad community.

Had a look at my new Olwell for the first time.  Instant impressions - compared to my 25 year old cheap flute it was heavy - you could see the density of the wood and the careful craftsmanship immediately.  I listed to him play a tune.  That was the next impression.  The lovely tone - depth - deep earthy bark of the low D (flute players can be rightly mocked for trying to over describe a good low D so I'll stop now).

All I can say was that with his playing of The Steampacket I was delighted to know that I'd soon by leaving with my new flute.

For a second the thought crossed my mind that with playing just those few notes he'd fall back in love with the instrument, change his mind, boot me out of the car and screech away leaving me with a clutch of cash and a wasted journey shouting 'Noooooooooo!!' into the bleak October Clare darkness ..  ..  I wanted to throw the cash at him, grab the instrument and drive quickly home with my precious flute.

But .. no such drama.  The deal was done.  We shook hands and I parted on the long road home with my new D and Eb Olwells.  An embarassment of riches flute-wise for a beginner but I'm not complaining.  Was delighted.

Sadly no time to practice when I got home.  I could have played a tune but I was tired and didn't want to spoil it.  After work this evening .. watching the day go by .. I'll be home soon .. there are Silver Rings on the flute .. Precious.

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