Sunday, October 16, 2016

16th October 2016 - One step at a time

Well that's almost the end of my first week of this blog.  You don't climb a mountain all at once - you just put one foot in front of the other.

Has this week helped me along the road to Massies Mill?

Likely it's much too early to tell but it has given me a bit of focus.
Over the week I've made a bit of progress.  Most likely done a few too many things if I'm honest but I feel I've put in a good foundation.

There are three things I'll look at each week .. playing, listening and things that encourage my links to the habit of playing/music.  Play a lot, listen a lot, feed the good wolf.

Play a lot -
That's all a lot of obsessive collecting unless it's useful.  What I'm now able to do is find a tune in the Foinn Seisiun collection and slow it down in VLC and play along to it.  There're also great to suggest sets.

Listen a lot -
I've got a lot of tunes together this week.  Months or years of listening and definitely a lot of really good session tunes.
I've gathered a lot of useful material - Matt Molly 'Heathery Breeze' on download (for Fisherman), Matt Molloy 'music at matt molloys' coming from Amazon, Matt Molloy 'shadows on stone' coming from discogs.  Bought Foinn Seisiun 1 to 3 books and CDs.

Feed the good wolf -
Going to the Tullamore session on Friday was great.  I also talked to Ciaran and we agreed to lessons shortly.  I also contacted a few local Comhaltas branches and know where/when there are lessons.
I need to work more on this but it's a start.

On tunes ..
I've not finished with the blackhaired lass but I've also started on rolling in the rye grass.
I won't really start that tune until tomorrow but giving myself a little preview.

So .. I think a good start .. a good week .. here's to week two!

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