Monday, October 10, 2016

7th October 2016 .. first steps

Ok so .. Birthday.  Decision made.

So a lot of clearing the decks and getting things in order.
Play a lot.
Listen a lot.
I think these are basically the two rules that should guide me.

Play a lot.  So I have some tunes from the Online Academy Of Irish Music which I'm going to be going through.  Starting basic and building up.  This week is the Fisherman's slip jig.  Working on getting my cuts nice and clean.

Listen a lot.  I think you have to get involved with the world of Irish music not just pick up the flute once a week so to get involved with the world ..
Birthday present to myself was downloading 'Keymaster - Patrick Olwell story'  Here you'll see a lot about the unique Mr Olwell who I hope is putting aside a lovely piece of blackwood for me.

Cleaned up my iTunes/phone music.  Have Stony Steps (maybe a mistake as the genius on that is just intimidating but so beautiful) .. Deiseal (more on this later - love this album) .. Kirsten Allstaff's Gallow Glass (from OAIM).

More house cleaning.
Thought about improving my Flute.  A few years ago I thought it was an Arie de Keyser but I emailed him and he said no .. so I recon it's some type of very cheap thing.  Now I don't mind it .. but wonder if a better flute might be more rewarding in the next three years .. not like I will always want to bring my Olwell (again fingers crossed I end up deserving it) everywhere so won't go to waste ..
I sent an email to Glenn Watson and Martin Doyle who both kindly replied.  Heard that the Hammy Hamilton's were excellent (if you have the air) .. saw one on
And yes I know that these aren't practice temporary flutes .. but buy it once and buy it right has been a good motto for me.

My birthday so .. went to Roundstone in Galway for the night.
A bit colder than Port Navalo but Ms Le Guil seemed to like it
Not a bit of music to be had (October?) but the beautiful Dog's bay beach made a lovely stroll and driving through Connemara listening to Matt Molloy not too shabby either!

Talking of not too shabby - would be a shame not to mention Dough Bros new shop in Galway - amazing pizza and if they can get that crust perfect 2013 to now then I can manage a tune somewhere on the rocky road from Galway to Massies Mill in the next three years!

Dreaming of the Perfect Do

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