Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday 24th October 2016 - The perfect boat

I recon it's a basic fact of evolution to eventually be unhappy with what you've got.

We get something.  This might be something like a house, car or a boat.  Equally we might obtain something like a job or a skill or even a new friendship.  The day we get it and we're happy.

But .. give it a little time .. and we start seeing the better job, the bigger house, the cooler car or the longer boat.  People can't sustain contentment - it just isn't in us - and I think that's by evolutionary design.

Now I'm going to annoy some people with my Anti-Panda propaganda but I recon that the Panda's biggest problem is that he's happy sitting on his butt chewing bamboo.
New food source strolls past .. nah .. I got my bamboo.
Lady Panda saunters past .. nope .. yum bamboo.
There's nothing like a literal or existential thorn in your paw to motivate you to change and perhaps sadly we need that.  I say sadly because when you stop and notice all the things on the evolutionary ladder who have thorns in their paws they all tend to be predators.  And by 'all' I mean the boat owners and flute players as well.

Without it we'd all be sitting munching the bamboo and not carving them into flutes.
With it we want to get to the newer pasture and to make a better bow.  This gets us to explore, change, improve, master .. everything from Mr Olwell's flutes to Picasso's were born in that urge.  But it also fires malice, gluttony, Ashley Madison and very big boats.

Like everything it's probably neither good nor bad .. it's what you do with it.
Me?  I'm very slowly playing Pigtown this week.

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