Sunday, October 23, 2016

22nd October 2016 - Joy

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy, 
which sustained him through temporary periods of joy." 

(William Butler Yeats, 1865-1939)

Should we take our tone Seriously?  Should be be Serious about our playing?

I'm not enjoying a lot of the playing at the moment if I'm really honest.  I've decided to stop playing tunes for enjoyment and slow everything right down for practice.  To get things right.  To practice.  Seriously.

It's all a bit rubbish if I'm honest and not fun.

But I don't see the alternative.  If I play for fun I'll be doing the equivalent of one finger typing .. it will get the job done but the technique won't be right.

Be Serious and get the job done or have fun.

I'm sure there's a graph somewhere that illustrates practice over time to competence?  

When learning to touch type you have to go through the pain barrier of slow speed to get the benefit of a lifetime of touch typing.  Same here.  But it feels a bit like playing a jig with my fingers in casts at the moment. 

Is it wrong to sneak in a faster tune for fun .. or do all the little errors in that tune undo the good habits you've paid so dearly for in the hour before it?  
Is it immersion or nothing?  Sadly I sort of suspect so.

When do you get the upswing of awesome?  When is the temporary period of joy?

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