Saturday, October 29, 2016

28th October 2016 - Quick week

That was a quick week.  Perhaps the adrenaline of my mini-circuit of Ireland picking up my new flute (I'm still looking at it and admiring it like its Christmas Morning).

A week ago I went back to see the 2016 Comhaltas Tour of Ireland, Macalla na h√Čireann.  It was the last night of the tour and they were performing in the Clasac in Clontarf (Dublin).

What's that old joke or story about a person in New York asking for directions and asking someone 'how to you get to Carnegie Hall?'
They get the reply  'Practice'

Just shows you where hard work can take you.

I hope the show goes on to tour the UK and the US.  These lads deserve the praise for their hard work and talent.

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