Thursday, October 13, 2016

13th October 2016 - Slow Thursday

“To get a good tone you need a tight embouchure. You need to practice tone separately from everything else. Play long notes, and keep adjusting your embouchure until you get a nice tone.”
—Eamonn Cotter

Got a message back from Ciaran Fitzgerald.
He was in Omagh last night for the Comhaltas Tour of Ireland (same Tour I'm heading to on Friday) but can give lessons from Celbridge.

With a bit of luck Saturday might be the first lesson.

I might hold off on the Comhaltas decision until I meet Ciaran.

Read an interview with the late Jack Coen  .. interesting to see his reflections on over ornamentation and importance of melody/musicality.  Looks like an outlook from an older style where flashy ornamentation and speed was less important than the music.  Taking your time to learn a tune right seems to be the lesson here.
I'll have to go back this evening to the Fisherman's Slip Jig (see Tunes) and take it nice and slow.
Burning all my Matt Molloy CDs tonight.
Ok .. not doing that.

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