Wednesday, November 9, 2016

9th November 2016 - Ideal Readers

Perhaps another reason for this blog is talking to my children (now both well into their teens) one day.  Perhaps they'll want to start something or find it hard to start something.

Stephen King talks about who he writes to .. I think he calls it his 'ideal reader' .. I think for him this is his wife Tabitha.

Let's presume this was pre-intervention
I'm not sure I have only one ideal reader.

One Ideal Reader is future me.  This is where I'm nudging my current self to become that future player .. encouraging that evolving self to keep learning to play.  I wrote to him here.

Another Reader is Anne who I both want to know nothing so I can amaze her by being Matt Molloy suddenly and paradoxically also ask her for ongoing understanding.  Things like this.

Then there's my children.  I suspect there's a lot of background fatherly coaching going on.  Things about patiencekeeping goingattitude .. looking back I firmly suspect that I've been consciously or subconsiously (or just probably due to habit) wearing my Dad hat on those ones.

Then lastly there's the interweb.  I sort of deliberately don't write for that reader.  If I found myself doing that then I'd be trying to get readers .. saying things to get site hits etc.  That wouldn't be compatible with just writing about my journey.  One way I see this is by writing about the boring days.  They're the truth (and an important truth) but they make bad reading and if I was writing for others then I'd remove that.  But it's too important to exclude as part of the journey.

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