Monday, November 14, 2016

12th November 2016 - Playlists

Had the idea of creating two playlists.

The idea was to create two resources.
The first was a playlist of all the tunes I've done to date.  Full version tunes and ideally in a session context.  I don't mind how many times they're in the list - so I don't mind different instruments and session contexts - the idea is to hear the tune in various contexts and get a feel for lots of sessions feels for the tune.  When I then hear it in sessions I'll have a good feel for it.

The second playlist is all the same tunes but played slowly.  I've not always found slower versions so I've discovered that Audacity is great for changing tempo without changing the pitch.  However I've also found that I've been able to change the pitch - I changed Matt Molloy's Connaughtman's Ramble from Eb to D so I can listen along/play along to the slower version.

I aim to add to both versions as I go.
Hopefully they're a good resource.

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