Monday, November 7, 2016

6th November 2016 - Playing away from home II

So I know it's all my issue.

I just don't want to look like an ejit.

And if I'm really honest isn't that connected to not sounding great.  The foolishness is the ambition versus the reality.  To practice you're saying that you're trying to achieve a certain standard but the honking of the high g doesn't exactly promote confidence.

If I was upstairs playing like Matt Molloy I'd doubt I'd be shy.

So what I'm really doing is saying .. "ok .. I'm gonna go off now because I'd like to be good at this thing but right now I'm gonna sound like a drown cat so I'm not going to look very cool".

It's ok to not look very cool.
It's ok to sound not very good.

Blowing notes out of a stick in front of people doesn't make sense.
But very little does.

I have to update my Tunes section to think about how to finish the Connachtman's rambles.

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