Thursday, November 17, 2016

16th November 2016 - Giving the car a little push

I was going to write "for no reason at all today I really didn't want to practice .. it wasn't that I just wasn't bothered to practice .. I actively didn't want to"

Then I realised that this wasn't true at all.

What happened was I was busy - or more accurately - mentally engaged - or more accurately - worried .. about something else.

So the cogs of my head were off worrying about something so I was actually swatting away the work/pressure/hassle/bother of practice.

It was like a bothersome additional chore when my mind was shouting "but don't you know I'm worried about this other thing!"

But of course I should have trusted my shifting gears theory and trusted that by practicing I'd both be in a different place (away from the thing I was worried about) and I'd have the pleasure of a nice practice session.

When in doubt next time I'm just going to fake it 'til I make it for a few minutes.

I remember reading that Freud suggested that we only have so much mental energy.  Perhaps if you've used your allotment up worrying you tend to run out of fuel?  I'd suggest though that if you can push the car a little (start a bit of practice) you'll end up filling the tank with the playing?

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