Tuesday, November 15, 2016

15th November 2016 - Manshed

That Librarian who told me that men want to collect and master stuff must have also been thinking about mansheds.
Men and their sheds is a pretty universal phenomenon - right?
A place away from things were men store their hunting gear or play guitar or just get away from the house for a minute.

Not my Shed.  Mine has Guinness on tap.

Well it was pretty late when I got to practice tonight so rather than skip it I ended up in my shed playing flute at 11pm rather than keep my youngest teen - who fancied an early night - awake.

I suppose I was forced into my manshed but .. well at least I had one to be forced into ..

Come the Spring I might do a big clean up and get a chair out there to allow all hour practice in comfort.

Actually I have a snug little downstairs sitting room which I've pictured as a session room.  I've visualised a few folk coming over to play a few tunes.  Let's see.

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