Thursday, November 10, 2016

11th November 2016 - Mansplaining?!

I've realised a terrible danger about writing a blog.  I may be mansplaining ...... to myself!

Now I know the above describes Mansplaining to a Lady but I think you can Mansplain to anyone - even your future self.

How will I answer these questions as my future self .. will I say to past-me - 'you're not the expert and I didn't ask to know .. and you're not responsible to tell me .. and anyway I already know all of that'.

Am I telling things well known?
Am I equipped to talk about this?
Does everyone reading know this already?

Listen here future me .... I'm the expert on past me .. you can't ask because you don't exist yet so I have to presume you're curious .. and .. hell yes .. I am most certainly your teacher who is responsible for you .. and .. no .. you don't know this stuff already .. so .. that told ya future me.

If you don't understand that future me .. I'm happy to mansplain it to you again.  Slowly.

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