Monday, November 7, 2016

7th November 2016 - One Month

One month gone.

What have I done?

Play A Lot:
I've learnt Ryans (Fisherman's slip jig / black haired lass), Rolling in the rye grass, Pigtown and The Connaughtman's Rambles.
Concentrated on cuts and taps.
Work on second octaves.
Lots of work on embouchure and breathing.

Listen A Lot:
- Bought
Matt Molloy Shadows On Stone, Music At Matt Molloy,
Buttons & Bows: The Return Of Spring
Comhaltas: 3 sessions CDs
- Dug up (had gone missing for years) June McCormack Fliuit CD

- Bought Keymaster video (Pat & Aaron Olwell Documentary)
- Contacted all Comhaltas in area - will start lessons in 2017
- Got lessons organised by CiarĂ¡n Mac Gearailt - will start in 2017
- Bought a new keyless Olwell (and had a road trip to Clare)
- Went to the Comhaltas Tour in Tullamore and Clontarf
- Had a chat with Eamonn Cotter
- Exchanged a few emails with Aaron and Pat on the new flute

I can't complain about that.

What did I learn?

You have to practice slowly and keep at it.  It has to be every day.
Practicing when you're tired after work feels better than practicing late in the evening to fit one in before bedtime which feels better than practicing too little.

Finishing a good practice session always feels great.

When you miss a day's practice you have to get back on the horse and keep going immediately.

A cheap flute is nothing to a keyless Olwell but an Olwell demands a more exact embouchure on the higher octave.  You have to just keep practicing it.

I have to be prepared to look stupid and practice when I'm away from home.

Arpeggio definition is available in the dictionary.

35 Months to go.
A long time in one way and not so long for how far I have to travel.

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