Wednesday, November 9, 2016

8th November 2016 - Shifting Gears

My eldest was asking me how it's going.  Funnily enough I'd only just done the first month post so I'd been thinking about it.

Told her that things were good.  Moving forward .. all that type of thing.

One thing that we did end up talking about is how this all feels to me.

I talked about what I'd been learning.
What happens if you have a hard day at work.  How you don't feel like practicing but when you do that you soon feel in a different place.  Funny how if you grumble to yourself about something it can keep you in that space.  What I've found is that after playing for thirty minutes or an hour I'm in that place - working the tune - redoing bits I'm not happy with.  It's like I have this completely different and now manageable 'problem' (that's the wrong word but it will do for now) that I can chip away at and then solve.  Perhaps it's just the act of playing music.

Whatever the reason after a time you're just emotionally in a different place to where you were when you started.  The little things that might have been said and were in your mental loop are all gone and you've definitely shifted gears.

It feels really good.

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