Friday, November 4, 2016

4th November 2016 - Slow, Slow, Slow, Fast

Mostly I practice very slowly.

I'm remembering learning to type.  I started with the home keys.  Just 8 fingers sitting over ASDF and JKL: and I typed super slowly.  I resisted the urge to look down or to 'hunt and peck' for a key.
It was slow and it was boring but it worked.

So mostly when doing a tune - this week the Connachtman's Rambles - I'm breaking the tune into very small sections and playing it very slowly.
Each note I try my best to get the best possible tone - nice rich low D .. well formed higher octave (when I can) .. smooth note transitions.
Cuts I want them to feel percussive and snappy.
Taps I want to feel the hit of the rhythm or the emphasis of a well sounded tap.

This all makes the work slow.

Before I play any tunes I do an slide-cut-tap exercise starting at D and going to b' and back.  I think that this is perhaps the most important exercise.
Then a long note breathing exercise.
Then more individual cut and tap exercises.
Then arpeggios (home made design as I haven't yet found ones online).

Again all slow.

Finally I play a few tunes .. typically along to a Comhaltas session or a youtube backing track.
That is for fun.
I do worry that it will undo some of my patient practice but .. it also might help with speed and breathing timing which can't hurt?

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